HCR3 Series Industrial multi-head embroidery machine: HCR3 series HCR3-1502-45, 1504-45, 1506-45, 1508-45, 1512-45
HCR3-X1504-45, X1506-45, X1508-45

New HRC series HCR3 is released with its range of 2 heads up to 12 heads and HCR3 X series for wider embroidery area is available for 4, 6 and 8 heads.(width:500mm)
Its rigid and strong structure body frame ceases machine noises and vibrations. On top of that, high power spec enables to embroider on thick and hard materials such as leathers.


Characteristics and Features

  • Multi head 15 colors
  • Maximum speed 1,200 r.p.m.(1,100 r.p.m.)
  • Maximum Flat Embroidery size 450 x 500mm (360mm)
  • Tubular Embroidery Area : 420 x 440mm
  • Low-profile cap frame(option) : 70 x 180 mm
  • Wide cap frame(option) : 80 x 360 mm
  • Free PC connection software
  • Machine memory 40,000,000 Stitches, up to 250 design can be saved
  • USB and LAN network port
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Automatic color change
  • Automatic thread break detection
  • Built-in bobbin thread winder (option)
  • Short stitch sweap function

HCR3 Series Features

Using tubular frame, the embroidery on finished garment can be done. Using cap frame, the embroidery on cap can be done. Using border frame, the embroidery on fabric before cut and small piece of cut fabric can be done.

Compact design Strong Machine Body Construction High powor
The machine has just 800mm depth.
It allows the machine to pass through
doors without difficulty.
Heavy and strong machine
frame construction gives less vibration of machine.
The mission box made by a casting as one unit avoids warping of its shape.
The machine has high power of needle movement and achieves to embroider on extremely thick and hard leather and other difficult material.

Trace Mode Color LCD Touch Screen Control Panel Guide
Before start embroidering, you can check size of design against frame size set on machine. User friendly designed 7inch color TFT touch screen control panel are standard for all the Happy embroidery machine lineup that enables users to operate intuitively by a finger, stylus or mouse and helps users master how to operate easier and faster.
10.4inch control panel is also available for HCR2 series as an option.
The GUIDE offers tips and step-by-step help for machine opeartion.
In each stage of embroidery operation there is an easy to follow guide available.

USB Host PC Connection Expantion of Embroidery Area on Cap
USB memory stick can be used as a media of design data memory The machine has port for USB and LAN for design data transfer from PC directly. Embroidery design can be started 10mm from the brim of cap.

New Thread Control System

  Free communication software
The thread break sensor and the thread tension control unit are combined which gives more stability to the upper thread control. The independent thread take-up spring improves the quality of sewing. Happy LINK: Direct connection with PC and a machine for design transfer
Happy LAN : One PC can control multiple and different type of machines.

Machine memory 40,000,000 stitches

40,000,000 stitches and 250 design can be stored into memory of machines as standard. The large memory capacity stores not only designs but setup information for each design. Even large and complex designs are easily handled.    


Low-profile Cap Frame Wide Cap Frame Border Frame and Table
Low-profile Cap Frame has embroidery area 70 x 180mm. Cap setting device which is supplied with cap frame makes your preparation job quick and easy. Wide Cap Frame has embroidery area 80 x 350mm. It gives possibility to make embroidery up to side of cap. Cap setting device is supplied with cap frame. Border Frame and Border Frame are used for embroidery of badge, emblem and flat fabric.

Clip Type Upper Thread Holder Bobbin Winder Various Frames
The mechanical upper thread holder keep upper threads which are not in operation Bobbin thread winder operates by indepandent small motor and thead can be winded anytime . Happy original various type of frames expand your possiblility.

Needle Sensor Preparatory Table Ass'y Laser Position Marker
Needle sensor protects you from unexpected accident Preparatory table supports for setting frame on finished garment The laser position marker shows the point of needle, it support your position setting.
This option can be installed on 1st head or all heads.

HCR3 Series Specifications