HCS2 Series Compact single-head embroidery machine for industrial-use HCS2-1201-30


Small Single Head Embroidery Machine HCS2 is as compact as HCH series with heavy-duty drive system and additional needles. User friendly touchscreen control panel, compact body yet powerful performance with suppressed nose promise to provide high-quality embroidery.

●Color LCD touch screen control panel
●Single head 12 colors
●Maximum speed 1,000 r.p.m.
●Tubular Embroidery Area: 285x290mm
●Low-profile cap frame(option): 67x180mm
●Wide cap frame(option) : 67x290mm
●Free PC connection software
●LAN and USB network port
●USB memory stick port
●Built-in 100 small designs

●Easy threading
●Take up lever safety cover
●Automatic thread trimmer
●Automatic color change
●Automatic thread break detection
●Built-in bobbin thread winder
●Short stitch sweep function
●Custermazable icons' locations

HCS 2-1201-30 Features

7 inch LCD Touch Screen Control Panel   Monogramming
  Slim Cylinder Arm  
Easy to use Touch screen control panel.   12 fonts and 6 sizes letters are available. Text Arch and circle is also editable.   The slim cylinder arm allows to embroider on pockets, sleeves, pants and children's wear


Rotary Thread Break Detector   Thread Adjusting Spring   Take up lever Safety Cover  
The machine stops automatically when a thread breaks or bobbin thread becomes empty.   Thread adjust spring provides smooth upper thread supply to creat high-quality embroidery even at high-speed.    Safety head cover protects operators from Take up levers during embroidery works.


Built-in Bobbin Winder   Front Light   PC Connection Port  
The machine is equipped with a bobbin thread winding device as standard.   Bright LED lights illuminate the work area.   USB and LAN port for design data transfers and network machine operations.


Free Communication Software   Built-in 100 one point designs   Tracing Function  
Happy LINK: to connect a machine directly with PC for design transfer.
Happy LAN: to operate multiple Happy embroidery machines by one PC.
  Ready to use 100 design data. Enjoy the machine right after setting up:)   This function shows embroidery outer lines before starting, to ensure the needle won't hit the frame during a work.


40,000,000 Stitches Memory Capacity    Guide Assistance Function      
999 design patterns and 40,000,000 stitches can be saved. Also preparations for each design can be memoraized.    The display assists by showing guidances for standard settings and operations.     


HCS2 -1201-30 Options

Cap Frame   One Point Frame   Laser Position Marker  
Wide Cap Frame: 67x290mm embroidery area
Low-profile Cap Frame: 67x180mm embroidery area.
This option frame comes with a setting device that makes preparation job quick and easy.
  Two frame selections: 55x76mm embroidery area is for one point logo on sleeves, T-shirts and rear side of caps; 55x40mm is suitable for pockets and slippers.   Laser position marker shows an accurate needle position.


Shoe Clamp   Side Clamp   Manual Clamping Frame  
Shoe Clamp for logo and name embroideries on sports shoes. Embroiery area: 60x100mm   To hold a bag or other leather materials rigidly, Side Clamp is the best option. 140x220mm embroidery   Manual clamps for easy operations. Two size selections: 150x150mm and 150x300mm


Sock Frame   Various Frames      
Sock Frame can fit on Tubular Arms. This frame is suitable for socks, wrist band and small items.   Happy original various type of frames support various productions    


HCS2 1201-30 Specifications