Our Organization

Reliable and Proven Core Technologies
and Next-Generation Technologies

HappyJapan’s core technologies centered on mechatronics are applied in various areas, from consumer use to industrial use, to create numerous distinctive products. We are enhancing our R&D organization and undertaking academic-industrial joint development with outside research institutions in order to establish next-generation core technologies and venturing into new fields.

High-Quality Products Based on
Integrated Manufacturing

HappyJapan’s products are manufactured in an integrated manner, from development and design to after-delivery support. Our technologies and skills are fully utilized in each process to result in distinctive combined feature of excellent balance and comprehensive strength. We make consistent efforts to improve all of our processes, such as appropriate procurement of materials and parts, processing and assembly, and highly-accurate testing with nano-level detection capacity.

Well-Established Service & Support System

We have organized a maintenance and support structure, which covers the planning stage of installation to the after-delivery stage, so that HappyJapan products are constantly used under the best conditions. Our maintenance and support centers, in Japan and at key overseas locations, work in close cooperation with the head office. Precious feedback from customers worldwide is reflected in product development.

And HappyJapan has established a system to satisfy each and every customer throughout the world. We have various programs and services, including hosting of exhibitions overseas and seminars targeted at our overseas agents, thereby offering attentive backup support.