Embroidery Machines

HCU-1501-40 (Heavy-duty Industrial)


Finest industrial single-head model in pursuit of functionality and productivity .

HCU is the ultimate version of HappyJapan’s 15 needle embroidery machine with the highest operating speed of 1500rpm, the largest sewing field and many more features to enhance productivity.

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Number of Needle 15
Number of Head 1
Maximum Speed: Tubular 1,500rpm
Maximum Speed: Cap 1,200rpm
Maximum Embroidery Field (X-Y) 400 x 600mm (Option 400 x 1,200mm)
Stitch Length 0.1-12.7mm
Memory 40milion stithcs
Power Supply 1 phase 100-230V

General Features

Automatic Thread Trimer Yes
Automatic Thread Break Detection Yes
Built-in Bobbin Thread Winder Option
LCD Touch Screen Control Panel Yes
Laser Position Marker Option: Cross marker / Dot Pointer
Direct PC Connection USB/LAN
PC Communication Software Yes
12 Fonts 6 Sizes Lettering Yes
Built-in 100 One-point Designs Yes
Embroidery Pattern Loading USB Pen Drive

New Features

Automatic Material Thickness Detection System

An Automatic Material Thickness Detection System is new standard function of HCU. This new function can suppress foot thumps much less than ever because HCU automatically senses a thickness of a material cloth and can adjust by itself.

Digital Controlling System

HCU’s digital controlling system uses a pressure foot enabling a height adjustment by the touch control panel. HCU’s individual driving system for foot movements.


Center Cross Marker
Laser marker which points from directly above
Side-mounted Laser Pointer
Laser marker which points from the side
Bobbin Winder
Option for HCU
Upper Thread Holder
No more trouble with upper thread escaping from needles
Digital Thread Tension Control System
The upper thread tension can be set degitally on the control panel
10″ LCD Panel
Optional larger monitar
HCU’s Front Table
Supports for tubular frames to suppress shakes
HCU’s Border Table
Supports for border frames to suppress shakes
Cap Clamp
For embroidery work on caps
One Point Clamp
For one point embroidery work on shirts, bags, pants’ or shirts’ pockets etc.
Shoe Clamp
For emboridery work on shoes
Sock Clamp
For embroidery work on socks and other small products

Options and Accessories

HCU: 3D Foam Embroidery on Cap


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