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Company Profile

Corporate name HappyJapan Inc.
Representative CEO: Keitaro Harada
President : Masayoshi Yokoo
Address 3515 Tachiyagawa 3-chome, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata, 990-2251 Japan
Established November 3, 1923
Capital 73 million yen
Number of employees 290(as of March 2023)
Business activities Manufacture, processing, sale, and repair of
  • Sewing machines ・Industrial embroidery machines
  • General industrial and electrical machinery and appliances
  • General castings ・Household electrical machines;
Sale of everyday sundries
Sale of components and auxiliary products

About New Brand Mark

HappyJapan’s Monozukuri* is to create value-added functional products by integrating our customers’ wishes and our R&D technologies and by expanding our vision by which to see the world.
The design of our brand mark represents our vital willingness and spirit of innovation in Monozukuri* .
Monozukuri* literally means “making things” in Japanese but embraces the skill, spirit, and zest to produce excellent products.
The communication statement “Technology and Beyond” condenses HappyJapan’s philosophy and vision, and explicitly represents its corporate attitude to “expand happiness in the world, by using its next-generation technologies.”

*Monozukuri literally means “making things” in Japanese but embraces the skill, spirit, and zest to produce excellent products.


1923 Founded wood pattern factory in Miya-machi, Yamagata-City.
1927 Started casting. Name changed to Harada Casting Factory.
1940 Incorporated and changed corporate name to Harada Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1945 Founded Happy Sewing Machine Sales Co., Ltd.
1948 Founded Tohoku Seiki Industries Co., Ltd.
1953 Changed corporate name to Happy Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.
1969 Built Tachiyagawa Plant.
1978 Founded Taiwan Happy Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. and started operation in Taichung, Taiwan.
1985 Changed corporate name to Happy Industrial Corporation.
2000 Aquired exclusive sales rights of SINGER Brand Sewing Machine in Japanese market.
2005 Obtained ISO9001 Certification.
2010 Obtained ISO14001 Certification.
2011 Relocated Head Office to Tachiyagawa, Yamagata-City and integrated it with plant division. Founded Shanghai Happy Trading Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.
2014 HappyJapan Inc. was established through a merger of Happy Industrial Corporation, Tohoku Seiki Industries, Ltd., and Singer Happy Japan Co., Ltd.
Constructed plant and began operation in Prachinburi Province, Thailand.
2017 Began mass production of home-use sewing machines at a plant in Thailand.
2021 Started sales of HappyJapan brand sewing machines.
2023 100th anniversary of the company’s founding.