Customized Machinery

We make customers’ intention “Want-To-Make” realize.

We propose customized machinery in which customers’ technical requirements are thoroughly incorporated, through our exclusive technical know-how and experiences to have been acquired and accumulated so far and our engineering team’s aggressive commitments.
In addition, we are pleased to help customers with an initial planning of machine configuration, designs, built-up, installation at customers’ sites and after-sales service.

Production Flow


We generate an optimized initial planning of machine cofiguration based on customers’ technical requirements.
We share and discuss our generated initial planning of machine configuration with customers and acquire customers’ latent technical requirements for a purpose to propose quotes.


We offer machinery with high quality in a timely manner through our integrated production system as our superiority.

Final Running Check and Final Acceptance

Ordered machines will be delivered to customers’ designated locations. Final acceptance to officially buy ordered machines off will be conducted immediately after customers’ final approvals of the installed machines at customers’ sites.

After-Sales Service

We will offer after-sales service for a purpose to enable customers to keep using our designed machines in a satisfactory level after final acceptance.

Profile of Our Designed Machinery

Automobiles Related

  • Throttle Assembly Machine
  • Electric Fuel Pumps Assembly Line
  • Injector Assembly Machine
  • Injection-Related Winding and Assembly Line
  • Alternator-Related Starter Motor Assembly Machine
  • Alternator-Related Rotor Motor Assembly Machine
  • Motor-Coil Forming Machine
  • Motor-Coil Insertion Machine
  • Motor-Coil Welding Machine
  • Insulator Insertion Machine
  • Lens Assembly Machine


  • Plural High-Speed Spattering Machine
  • Die Bonding Machine
  • Visual Inspection Machine
  • Temp. Characteristic Inspection Machine
  • Insert Remover
  • Reverse Inserter

Electric Components

  • IC Chip Placement Machine
  • LCD Assembly Machine
  • TFT Overlaying Machine
  • PDP Overlaying Machine
  • DVD Manufacturing Line
  • HDD Automatic Assembly Line
  • Board Dividing/Feeding Machine
  • Speaker Assembly Line

Battery, Energy

  • Solar Cell Manufacturing Line
  • Square-Shape Battery Assembly Line
  • Polymer Battery Manufacturing Line
  • Lithium Battery Automatic Assembly Line
  • Lithium Battery Seam Welding Machine
  • Lithium Battery Injection Port Welding Machine
  • Lithium Battery Tab Welding Machine
  • Lithium Battery Injection Machine
  • Sealing Machine
  • Terminal Welding Machine

Optical Products, Office Automation Supplies

  • Camera Assembly Machine
  • Film Exposure Apparatus
  • Glass Forming Machine
  • Screw Tightening Machine
  • Leak Test Machine
  • Ink Tank Rinsing /Drying Machine


  • Fully Automated Nailing Machine
  • Fully Automated Nailing Inspection Machine
  • Fully Automated Pinwheel Installation Machine

Main Processing Machines

Vertical Machining Center

5-axis Machining Center DMC125FD (DMG MORI)
Vertical Machining Center DureVerticel 5060 (DMG MORI) NVX5080Ⅱ (DMG MORI) NVX5080 (DMG MORI) NVX5080 (DMG MORI) CMX600 (DMG MORI) CMX600 (DMG MORI) VK65 (Hitachi Seiki) VK55 (Hitachi Seiki) VM40 (Hitachi Seiki) VA40 (Hitachi Seiki) V56 (Makino Milling Machine) FNC74-A20 (Makino Milling Machine) FDNC128-A20 (Makino Milling Machine) NVD1500 (MORI) NV4000 (MORI) NVD4000 (MORI) NVD4000 (MORI)

Horizontal Machining Center

CNC Horizontal Jig Boring Machine DIXI350(DIXI)
Horizontal Machining Center NHX6300 (DMG MORI)
HG630 (Hitachi Seiki)
HC500 (Hitachi Seiki)
HC500 (Hitachi Seiki)
MCB1513 (Makino Milling Machine)
MCB1513 (Makino Milling Machine)
A55ε (Makino Milling Machine)
A55 (Makino Milling Machine)
MCD1816 (Makino Milling Machine)
a81M (Makino Milling Machine)
a81M (Makino Milling Machine)

Double-Column Machining Centers

Double-Column Machining Centers MCV-16A (OKUMA)
5-Face Machining VE26-40 (Hitachi Seiki)
Drill Center FMC-15VP (Fuji Seiki)

NC Drilling Machine

NC Drilling Machine DRILLMate-MODEL T (FANUC)

NC Lathe

NC Lathe 3NE-300 (Hitachi Seiki)
3NE-300 (Hitachi Seiki)
CL1500 (MORI)
NL2500/1250 (MORI)
NL3000/1250 (MORI)

NC Milling Machine

Vertical Milling Machine BNⅡ85-A6 (Makino Milling Machine)
FDX-106 (Makino Milling Machine)
Horizontal Milling Machine PNC-MSP (Hiraoka Kogyo)

Drilling Machine

Radial Drilling Machine RE2-1300A (OOYA)
RE2-1300A (OOYA)
HOR-D2000 (Ogawa Iro Works)
Drilling Machine ATD-360 (ASHINA)
YGD-900CT (Yoshida Tekkoujo)
YGD-900CT (Yoshida Tekkoujo)
YUD-540 (Yoshida Tekkoujo)



Milling Machine

Vertical Milling Machine MS-V (Hitachi Seiki)
2ML-V (Hitachi Seiki)
Horizontal Milling Machine 3ML-P (Hitachi Seiki)
MS-P (Hitachi Seiki)

Large General-purpose Machine

Horizontal Boring Machine BT-10B (TOSHIBA MACHINE)
Plano Miller 12MJ 40 (Hitachi Seiki)
Jig Boring Machine J 6B (MITSUI SEIKI)


NC Electric Spark Machine AW-453 (Sodick)
Wire-Cut Electric Spark Machine EU64 (Makino Milling Machine)
Wire-Cut Electric Discharge Machine SP64 (Makino Milling Machine)

Grinding Machine

Super Precision Surface Grinding Machine SGC156BL2-PNC (NAGASE INTEGREX)
Profile Grinding Machine JF520-CNC-B (Carl Jung)
CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine UR175×1000 (Kellenberger)
Precision Cylindrical Grinding Machine GP15-100 (TOYODA)
Surface Grinding Machine PSG-5 (Okamoto)
Internal Grinding Machine YIG-15 (Yamada Koki)

Thin Sheet Metal Equipment

YAG Laser Machine TruMatic3000 (Trumpf)
YAG Laser Welder TruLaser Handy (Trumpf)
Press Brake TruBend5085SX (Trumpf)
TruBend5085X (Trumpf)
Bending Roll BU-S2000 (isel)
Welding Machines WB-M350L (DAIHEN)
AC Spot Welding Machine SLAJ50-610 (DAIHEN)

Measuring Equipment

Three-Dimensionsal Measuring Machine PMM12106 (Leitz)
Horizontal Length Measuring Machine TELMN (TRIMOS SYLVAC METROLOGY)
Vertical Length Measuring Machine MICRO-HITE600 (TESA)
Microscope VHX5000 (KEYENCE)
Outside Micrometer 0.001mm~175mm (Mitutoyo)
Inside Micrometer 5mm~75mm (Mitutoyo)
Blade Micrometer 0.01mm~50mm (Mitutoyo)
Tooth Thickness Micrometer 0.001mm~100mm (Mitutoyo)
Holtest φ6~φ100 (Mitutoyo)
Calipers 0.01mm~200mm (Mitutoyo)
Dial Indicator 0.01mm~10mm (Mitutoyo)
Height Gage 0~300mm (Mitutoyo)
Dial Test Indicator 0.01mm~0.5mm (Mitutoyo)
0.01mm~0.5mm (TESA)
Ring Indicator φ4~φ12 (MDK)
Plain Gauge φ3~φ50 (Alps)
Test Bar φ6~φ100 (TSI)

Skill Certified Engineers (Person)

Machining Techniques (Special Grade) 10
Machining Techniques (Grade 1, Grade 2) 62
Machine Maintenance, Machine Inspection (Special Grade) 2
Machine Maintenance, Machine Inspection (Grade 1, Grade 2) 8
Finishing (Outstanding Special Grade) 4
Finishing (Grade 1, Grade 2) 19


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