About HappyJapan

About New Brand Mark

HappyJapan’s Monozukuri* is to create value-added functional products by integrating our customers’ wishes and our R&D technologies and by expanding our vision by which to see the world.
The design of our brand mark represents our vital willingness and spirit of innovation in Monozukuri* .
Monozukuri* literally means “making things” in Japanese but embraces the skill, spirit, and zest to produce excellent products.
The communication statement “Technology and Beyond” condenses HappyJapan’s philosophy and vision, and explicitly
represents its corporate attitude to “expand happiness in the world, by using its next-generation technologies.”

About Philosophy & Vision

HappyJapan has established its Philosophy, which represents its corporate backbone, and its Vision, which demonstrates its direction.
By understanding and sharing the Philosophy and Vision, each and every HappyJapan member is dedicated to responsible corporate activities to expand people’s happiness and contribute to society.