FA equipment

HappyJapan, with its unique know-how, rich experience, and dedicated design & development team, proposes FA equipment that meticulously responds to the needs of our customers. We provide comprehensive support from initial planning to design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.


  • Disk Assembly Equipment
  • DVD Laminating Machine
  • HDD Automatic Assembly Line
  • IC Chip Pasting Machine
  • Lens Assembly Machine
  • Camera Assembly Machine
  • Film Exposure Apparatus
  • Liquid Crystal Panel
  • Assembling Machine
  • TFT Laying Equipment
  • PDP Laying Equipment
  • Square-shaped Cell
  • Assembling Machine
  • Cable Cutting Bundling Machine
  • Pulse Motor Assembling Line
  • Film Sticking Machine
  • Li-ion Battery Automatic
  • Assembling Line
  • HDD Polishing Machine
  • Solar-cell Manufacturing Line
  • Polymer Battery Manufacturing Line
  • Die Bonder
  • Variety Of Wire Winding Machines
  • Generator Wire Winding Equipment
  • Injection Wiring Coil Assembling Line
  • Injector Assembling Equipment
  • Alternator/ Starter Assembling Equipment
  • Throttle Assembling Equipment
  • Laser Welder
  • Swash Plate Injection Equipment
  • Surface Resistance Measuring
  • Equipment
  • Surface Resistance Mapping Equipment
  • Plural High Speed Sputtering Equipment
  • Dripping Pack Loading Equipment
  • Reaction Tube Stirring Machine
  • Thermometer Probe Assembling Line
  • Exterior Inspection Equipment
  • Variety of Vacuum Equipment

Case studies
(Due to non-disclosure agreements, customer names are not disclosed. Photos are only images.)

Case 1 Automotive manufacturing-related company A

Security equipment installed in next-generation luxury cars uses high-precision sensors. However, high-precision sensors require “ultra” high-precision assembly in order to display their performance.
How can the required parallelism of 1μ or less be realized? After being turned down by many firms, the desperate customer visited HappyJapan.

The requirement for high precision is not limited to the sensor-installing surface but also covers the whole structure of such processes. After agonizing days and nights, HappyJapan’ s engineer in charge was inspired. By using high-precision components made of porous materials that ensure smoothness and changing some perspectives of the structure itself, we were able to satisfy the request.

This is how complex challenges were solved. Now, our unique method using an equalized mechanism has become the industry’ s mainstream.

Case 2 Solar battery cell manufacturer B

We received an order to build a 44-meter cell production line. The most challenging issue was the process to handle the wiring. Electric conductor wires used in cells are very minute and therefore difficult to handle. The conventional method would result in a low yield for such long wires.

Then the idea to use string handling technology for our mainstay sewing machines hit us. By applying tension adjustment technology, wire cutting can be prevented and so the yield problem was solved, leading to the creation of a production line that ensures high quality.

We have now acquired a patent for this manufacturing technology.