Food processing machines




The dice cut function responds to the customer’s request.
Optional blades available for slicing, dice cutting, thread cutting. An all-round cutter for restaurant. Wide slit and blade disk of high-speed rotation acheive the processing power of the small slicer maximum level.


Mechanical dimensions W280mm x L510mm x H553mm
Machine weight 27kg
Motor Single-phase 100V
Thickness adjustment
  • Standard blade for slicing (on machine) 0~10mm(stepless adjustment)
  • Blade for corner thread cutting(optional) 2×4mm, 2×6mm, 2×6mm 3×3mm
  • Blade for circle thread cutting (optional) 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm
  • Blade for dice cutting (optinal) 5×5mm, 8×8mm, 10×10mm, 15×15mm, 20×20mm
Body price (excluding tax) ¥200,000

Cut introduction

Cut vegetable

Radish and carrot slices

Radish dice cut

Shredded radish

Shredded radish


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